RV Cooking Tips to Enjoy this Summer

Are you one of those few people who dread the thought of cooking on a camping trip? Cooking in your RVs kitchen space while travelling may seem like a daunting task. It most certainly is different than preparing food in your home kitchen, but with a little planning, it can turn out to be a greatly lucrative experience.

If you’re deciding on relishing this summer in your RV then you need to be well-acquainted with some cooking tips so you don’t waste your quality time. Summer vacation in an RV is meant for fun which means you should make every second count. And, this is why we’re here to help. Let us share some top cooking tips to make your RV travelling smooth and stress-free in this summer heat!

Try Switching To Raw Meals

Having raw meals may sound strange, but RVing means you need to be flexible and easygoing. Eating raw is not only a healthier food option but also saves ample amounts of space with a short prep time. Your diet may become quite mundane, yet it can still taste amazing. You can try all different kinds of salad, especially the leafy greens which are packed with vitamins and minerals, increasing the antioxidants in your body. If you want to add some carbs, prepare a pasta salad as they have a long shelf-life so they can be stored in the fridge and consumed cold or as a hot meal with pasta sauce.


Everyone wishes to enjoy every minute when they’re on a trip. In that case, do not procrastinate and consider cooking in batches. Save time by preparing as many ingredients as possible ahead of time and storing them in containers. When you start to prepare a dish, try preparing a double batch or cooking for several days simultaneously. For instance, if you’ve put the chicken on the grill, toss on some extra to put it in the salads, or sandwiches or consume it the next day.

This way you will have access to quick meals at your disposal whenever you’re hungry with half the effort. Plan and decide your meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and work accordingly. Chop veggies, cook your meat/chicken, and prepare any homemade sauces or dressings you’d like to have.

Apart from this, keep these key points in mind:

  • Invest in an instant pot as it can help you in preparing a tasty and healthy meal without your RV getting heated up. Plus, this way you happen to save time which can be used in enjoying and relaxing the trip.
  • Make use of Tacos since you prep ahead, and you can fill it with anything you like.
  • Snacks are your go-to meal. They always come in handy, especially while on the road: fruits, trail mix, biscuits, olives, and chips.


Take Advantage Of The Outdoors

You can certainly make cooking a part of your enjoyment as well by taking advantage of the amazing outdoors. Some people may have this fear of missing out on all the fun if they waste time prepping meals. Don’t worry. You can simply cook outside in the summer heat either by grilling out in the open or by using a portable propane camp stove. For those who own a simple grill, you can easily use it to make delicious burgers, steaks, BBQ chicken, or grilled fish. Mouthwatering, right? These tools are a lifesaver: they increase the variety of food options for you, allow you to enjoy the view and elevate your RV experience.


RVing is an exhilarating experience and one that you shall never forget. However, there are some tips that you need to know regarding cooking so that your trip isn’t ruined and you’re able to enjoy every second. RV cooking may be a hassle, but if you plan things right it can turn out to be rather exciting. Hence, be mindful of these tips, plan ahead of time, and make beautiful memories while you’re at it.

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