RV Resorts vs RV Parks: What Are Their Differences?

Are you ready to take your RV and hit the road? Well, you have plenty of time to come up with some really cool ideas. And when it comes to parking your RV, you can find a variety of spots across the United States. Believe it or not, we have all been there thinking about which spot is the best to choose. There are RV resorts as well as RV parks but one can often feel overwhelmed with all the options and combos. Which ones and what’s better suitable for your requirements?

In today’s article, we are going to discuss the difference between RV resorts & parks.

So without further ado, let’s read on.

What’s an RV Campground?

RV campgrounds are rustic places to set up your RV camp.

RV campgrounds are normally found in federal or state lands. They are quite organized and properly regulated. These RV parks and resorts have minimum amenities such as a fire pit or a picnic table; however, they are not full-fledged resorts.

The main difference between RV campgrounds and RV parks is that the facilities tend to be much more basic. A campground may have showers, restrooms and laundry facilities but they won’t be as modern or well-maintained as the ones you may find in a resort.

There are some RV campgrounds which offer running water and basic electricity. There are also dump stations; yet, it’s advised that you may confirm.

RV campgrounds are the best place for people who are looking for a calm and serene place and enjoy nature at its best. These campgrounds are often surrounded by woods. As far as the neighboring RV pads are concerned, they are far away from each other. One may find hiking and biking trails, mesmerizing sceneries and a pretty quiet escape where they can relax.

Most RV campgrounds accommodate campers. They can easily find tents which they can deploy, enjoy and relax. The way to RV pads is paved all over the campground with dirt tracks.

When choosing a spot, just make sure your RV fits the place when you park it.

What’s an RV Park?

An RV park is a much more organized RV campground and offers basic amenities such as water, sewer and electricity. These parks are privately owned and managed under the supervision of dedicated personnel. They responsibly keep the place clean and well-organized. The parking pads are quite spacious and are well groomed. These are lawn-covered grounds and don’t have any natural beauty such as woods or mountains.

RV parks are considered to be more luxurious than RV campgrounds. Some RV parks are pull-in-pull-through, while others are back-in only. It’s always advised to read all the instructions before deciding where to park your RV. Most RV parks are normally located close to towns, cities or tourist destinations. RV parks are a great way to get access to cable TV, Wi-Fi and mobile phone coverage.

From short-term vacationers to extended-stay residents, most RV parks are designed with travelers in mind. People who enjoy living a different kind of lifestyle that allows them the freedom to come and go as desired will find these parks, especially inviting.

What’s an RV Resort?

For the ultimate comfort and convenience, an RV resort is an ideal choice for your recreational vehicle. Not only do they offer full hookups with plenty of amenities like showers and laundry rooms, but also common areas perfect for socializing or relaxing such as BBQ spots, swimming pools, tennis courts and more! On top of all this, you can expect to find Wi-Fi access throughout so that you are always connected – all while being surrounded by beautifully landscaped grounds.

An RV resort is a perfect solution to experience a stress-free transition into the world of recreational vehicle living. With access to alluring amenities like laundry services, outdoor dining spaces, and friendly neighbors in a secure environment – these resorts provide both an intimate community atmosphere with the convenience of roaming freedom. Furthermore, large parking pads ensure that drivers can easily park their RVs without any hassle at all!

How Do I Choose Whether an RV Park is Better or an RV Resort?

It all comes down to your requirement.

If you like RV adventure, then something more natural is a good option for you. You might prefer an RV campground or some other minimal amenity, but something closer to the natural environment.

Whereas, an RV park delivers some of the basic amenities but not everything. Whereas, RV resorts offer all sorts of comfort which you can enjoy. One can easily find modern life-like amenities such as showers, Wi-Fi, and laundry rooms in an RV resort but these aren’t always available in RV parks.

Based on your budget and requirement, choose the one that best suits your requirement.

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